About Us

The idea of launching REDT came base on 15 years of experience in real estate. Expertise in constructing, managing, investing, leasing and operating multiple asset class of real estate portfolio of more than 10 million square meters size, located in a couple of counties.

The founder understood the pain of prominent portfolio owners, managers, tenants and saw the future requirement and direction. By trial and error, selecting a bouquet of software, technologies solutions and IoT devices, he developed a robust platform.

Five key lessons have helped us lead our organisations through digital transformations that succeeded:

Lesson 1

Figure out your business strategy before transformation

Leaders who aim to enhance organisational performance through digital technologies have a specific vehicle in mind. But digital transformation should be guided by the larger business strategy. It must be aligned to achieve a more Profitable business, protecting the Planet and keeping People Safe!

Lesson 2

Leverage insiders

Organisations that seek transformations by bringing in outside consultants tend to apply one-size-fits-all solutions in the name of “best practices.” Our approach is to deploy people during project implementation and make them insiders in the long term, giving you the possibility to insource them if required. We walk the journey with you, not just start it!

Lesson 3

Design customer experience

Suppose the goal of D.T. is to improve customer satisfaction and intimacy. In that case, any effort must be preceded by a diagnostic phase with in-depth input from customers.

Lesson 4

Identify employees’ fear of replacement

If employees perceive that digital transformation could threaten their jobs, they may consciously or unconsciously resist the changes. If the digital transformation becomes ineffective, management will eventually abandon the effort. Leaders must recognise those fears and affirm that the digital transformation process is an opportunity for employees to upskill their expertise to suit the future marketplace.

Lesson 5

Bring Silicon Valley startup mentality

Silicon Valley startups are agile in decision making, flat structures and rapid prototyping. Saying those you must:

  • Make changes quickly with agility
  • Make fast decisions
  • Involve groups from all organisation
  • Adopt a flat structure for D.T. separate from the rest of the organisation

Why we Enter digital transformation?

“Over the past few years, companies that have embraced digital technologies have been rewarded by investors with higher valuations.” The World Economic Forum projects the potential value growth that Digital Transformation will create as much as:


$400 billion

in new value for the mining and metals industry


$550 billion

in new value for the chemicals industry


$1.3 trillion

of new value in the electricity sector

World Economic Forum whitepaper “Digital Transformation of Industries.”

We are edge and cloud-agnostic. We can integrate any technology and hardware and make communication seamlessly, adding a layer of data analytics, ML, A.I. and R.P.A.

Our business model is fair simple. We help you understand where the organisation is today and where it should be digital. We create, implement, fund the roadmap by investing in CAPEX cost and deploying our staff on your premises to drive the digital transformation process and guarantee the outcome.

We connect the real estate portfolio and help achieve E.S.G. and Sustainability goals by digitising operations, management processes, and financial reporting. Train your staff, vendors and clients to become digital-ready, enabling your business model and highlighting hidden cost.

We are not a consultant of Digitalisation! We are a Business Partner who is walking the journey with you. We will tailor-make your digital strategy starting with assessment, propose hardware and software, fund and implement the project. We guarantee the performance by pre-established KPI and help you stay ahead of the market by enhancing your business model with a successful digital transformation!